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701 9th Street, Benton City, Washington, United States
Laura has a passion and love for merchandising and design. Little did Robert (her husband) know he would come home to a newly designed home almost daily. Mix that with with an old service station built in 1935, a group of creative family and friends that have the same passions. Well you have some great and crazy things going on... Meet the family. Margaret and Michelle (laura's sister and niece) have an antique business "Two French Hens". The live in the seattle area. Al has a real passion for Oak! He finds and beautifies american oak furniture. Susan dba as "Found" has a real eye for Bohemian funk. Ric or "Trader Ric" and his partner Sean love glassware. There isn't a thing Ric doesn't know about glass. Dottie and her Hubby live in Oregon and have the love of "cowboy." Kind of a lace and barbed wire thing or Romantic ranch. Our newest Family member "Terry" (she also lives in Seattle) deals with textiles. They are truly an added benefit to the shop. So there we are! Please come see us soon. We are hunting and finding treasures to help you make your home and garden unique!

September 6, 2010

The Pelican has Landed!

Hello Friends!

By now you know, …Rusty flew the Coop!

After five years in the Richland location, we moved. We have a great new location in Benton City, opening up in a 1935 garage building; we are so excited! This location offers us so much more freedom to do what we want to do.

The site is great…the building is large, open, with high ceilings and great light; we are excited to design the space! In front is an entry/patio space, great for decorating and displaying. Next to the building is a large fenced area… the Pelican is getting a backyard!! Or, more appropriately, a side yard. This outdoor venue will be perfect to stage events including our much anticipated 2nd Saturday Antique Market. This will be a once a month opportunity for you all to see not only our shop but also to view other vendors offerings. It’s gonna be good!! What else this space will allow us to do? Our imaginations are running wild! Spring Plants, Summer Fountains, Fall Fire Pits, Winter Christmas Trees! Who Knows!!

In the mean time, we are sorting out the move, preparing the space for show, and happily anticipating a soft opening September 10 and 11, and a Grand Opening October 7, 8, and 9! We will keep you filled in so check back here for updates! The shop will be open Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s, from 11 am to 6pm. Put us on your calendar, we look forward to seeing you!

Stay tuned for more updates… and keep an eye on our Calendar!

See you soon! Laura.

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